Feeling the Need to be Profound

Whenever I look back at my old, infrequent posts, I get this feeling that I really need to say something profound here. My past blog posts have been superficial, maybe slightly interesting, but expressing myself through written word has never been my thing. The reality is is that I will probably never write something genuinely profound on this blog.

I ted to have my philosophical, political, religious musing out loud with my husband normally in the car (this makes driving dangerous because we miss important turns). This is why debate was such a good place for me in high school. Instead of being worried about if my comma placement was correct or if I had a hanging participle (I’m still not entirely sure what that is), I could just talk.

I had to talk well with good rhythm, not say tin for ten or pin for pen, keep my voice in a pleasant octave (I can get annoyingly high pitched), not use too many hand gestures (that’s hard!) and more.

Speech and debate really helped me find things that I was passionate about. I was always more interested in sub-categories of the topics more often than the topic as a whole. Sometimes, like with the alternative energies topic, I did enjoy the whole topic granted I had a niche within the nuclear energy debate.

Really that particular year solidified my desires to go into the nuclear industry. While I knew I didn’t want to do power production, I saw so much misinformation or misconceptions. They made me mad. People said things that essentially insulted my dad and all the hard work he did in the Navy and when he worked at STP (South Texas Project). My boyfriend at the time would always jokingly talk about my dad when people would talk about nuclear energy causing cancer and etc. One would think that people that were submerged in water for days at a time along with a nuclear reactor would be the first ones to have issues.

I’m not sure where I am going with this post which is why I probably will never be a famous blogger. Though if people could hear me muse while driving home everyday I would be the most profound person you ever met! I’m glad that in Illinois you have to talk on the phone in your car hands free or people would think I’m crazy! They just assume I’m talking on the phone though it didn’t stop me in Texas. 🙂


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