Curly Girl update….

I gave up!

Well I didn’t really just give up. After more and more research, I realized I didn’t have the type of hair and texture for the Curly Girl method to work. I may have big waves and at times big curls, but I do not have the stereotypical large diameter hairs and dry, frizzy texture. My hair is rather fine (though I have many hairs on my head) and I do not have a dryness or frizz problem.

I have a volume problem. That’s right! A curly headed person with a volume problem! I get no lift at my roots and it just gets worse as I add more product to my hair. This was discovered during my Curly Girl week (it wasn’t really a week more like 3 days). On I found an article with an interview with some fancy NYC hair stylist talking about girls with hair exactly like mine. His take on good hair care for the fine haired curly girls is exactly opposite of normal curly girls. His suggestions were to drop conditioner on a daily basis. Only deep condition 1-2 times a month and DON’T skip shampoo because the build up with weigh down your hair.

He went on to talk about finding a shampoo that didn’t have anything drying in it, but would still fully clean your scalp every day. For me Tresemme’s curly line has been just that. My hair feels moisturized after shampooing! I still condition the ends of my hair because they are generally more dry than the rest of my head.

If I want more defined curls I use a product, but most days I air dry to have big waves/curls and good volume that lasts most of the day.

My advice for all girls is to figure out what is best for your hair. Don’t just read one of two articles about a hair type that is only kind of like yours. Search and find articles are hair that is like yours. If you can’t there are ways to experiment. Experiment with your shampooing/conditioning routine. Experimet with products (what order to put them in, which ones work best together, which ones work best for what look). I have really enjoyed experimenting with different products. There is always some product on sale for a dollar or 2 at Meijer so I generally pick something up if there is still money in the budget. Still be careful with alcohols and ‘cones and etc. If you are a heavy product user you may want to stay away from all the bad stuff, but if you only use it sometimes like me just make sure the first ingredient isn’t something that is going to harm your hair.


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