When I need my Tex-Mex fix

So because I have lived in Texas my whole life until 3 months ago, I have survived off of Tex-Mex. This wonderful mexican inspired food category does not exist in the Northern world (at least not Illinois). There is suppsedly “authentic mexian” food, but I haven’t found a place that competes with the authentic places back home. But this post isn’t about authentic mexican food. Its abut Tex-Mex. And what is more Tex-Mex than a ranch based jalapeno dip!

Creamy jalapeno started at Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas. It has since expanded into a pretty well known “chain” that is in college towns or near colleges in big cities in Texas (with a recent addition in Norman, OK). It is the reason I would go to Chuy’s is for this dip.

After moving to Illinois, my husband and I needed a way to quench our need for Tex-Mex. We found a creamy jalapeno recipe on pinterest and have adjusted it to our liking. (Note: this is not a creamy jalapeno copy cat, it is close but better!)


2 medium- large fresh jalapenos (depending on your heat preference)

16 oz of sour cream (do not use light sour cream, it doesn’t taste right)

1 hidden valley ranch mix packet

10-15 leaves of cilantro

1 4 oz can of green chiles

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp garlic powder (can use fresh if you prefer)

milk (for thinning, use skim if you want)


chop up jalapenos. put jalapenos (with seeds for extra heat), green chiles and cilatro in a blender (a single serve blender will be big enough), blend until creamy. Set to the side. Put sour cream, ranch mix, salt and garlic powder into a bowl and mix well together. Add green mixture from the blender into the sour scream mixture. Mix well. Thin to prefered consistency with milk. There should be no clumps of green in your mixture. Depending on the freshness and color of the green ingredients don’t freak out if your dip has green tinge to it. Chill dip in refrigerator for about 10-30 minutes (depending on if your sour cream was already cold). Eat with tortilla chips, on burritos, tacos, enchalida and etc!

Link for the recipe we modified:



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