A Hair Journey: The Curly Girl Method

I only have one other post in my hair/fashion section. My journey to grow out my hair still continues to this day. Growing out a pixie cut is a lot of work. I recommend thinking about this before ever doing it. Though it was my favorite hair cut of all time, but I think Ethan would be very sad if I cut it that short again.

When I was young my hair was straight and super greasy. Because of this my mom always kept my hair in a short cute bob. It was easier for her to get my hair to do something at the shorter lengths. As I got older my hair started to thicken. Well not the strands. I was getting more strands. I have very fine strands of hair, but a good amount of it. As I got more hair things started to change. There was wave in my hair. It started to get unruly and frizzy. I went through a huge pony tail phase during 5th and 6th grade. My hair was still super greasy at this point too. Sometime between 7th and 8th grade, my waves started to turn more into an S shape. I was wavy curly! During 9th and 10th, I developed big, soft riglets. My hair was like this until freshman year of college. That is when everything changed.

My hair lost its life. I finally had grown it out past my shoulders, but it just hung there. I cut my hair off to a more modern bob and kept it short. After much research and talking to my wonderful hairstylist in college, we both realized my hair problems were too fold: I was too stressed in college and I wasn’t taking care of my curls.

After this realization, I have set out to correct these mistakes. Decreasing my stress-levels will be the most difficult and maybe not possible. I can; however, take care of my hair better. I have been investigating curly hair care and “no-poo” techniques for awhile. Most all have a commone theme for curly hiar. “STOP WASHING YOUR HAIR WITH SHAMPOO” Different methods tell you different ways to continue to cleanse your hair rather than lather up with sulfates (the same soapy stuff in your dish washing detergent).

I tried two different “no-poo” techniques my senior year of college. The first one involved getting a sulfate-free conditioning cleanser and a sulfate-free conitioner. This worked for awhile, but my hair felt heavy afterwards. I never felt like I could work the conditioning cleanser through out my hair. I did this for about 2 months (the aprosimate time people said it took for your hair to get used to it). My hair never seemed to adjust.

The second “no-poo” was a regiment that my friend from college did. He had gorgeous, tight, spiral curls. First he would mix baking soda and water together to cleanse (the ratio really depends on your hair, I googled and found someone who seemed to have similar hair to mine and copied their ratios. I don’t remember them though). The next was a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to rinse. Don’t worry the apple cider vinegar doesn’t leave a smell. This actually worked really well and the next time I went to the hair dresser she commented on my increase in curls. My issue with this method was I had to make stuff. That was the hardest thing for me. Granted it is alot cheaper (so is making your own detergent or cleaner of any kind). I found my self grabbing my shampoo/conditioner I had stored away on those days I didn’t have any. This would make me go a few steps back in the process. At this point, I gave up. Went back to what I always had done.

Somehow, in all my research I never found the “Curly Girl Method” till yesterday!

Right now I am adjusting the steps explained out by the blog A.Steed’s.Life  ( http://www.andreasteed.com/node/1296 ). From her before picture she seems to have very similar hair as I do. I just bought new conditioner and shampoo (which I’m not using), but I think my husband may die if I went out and bought new conditioners.

I’m currently just using my 1 conditioner for each step. I use less during the washing phase and more during the deep conditioning phase. I have been using Redken’s Curvaceous Swirl Creme/Serum for a few years now and have always loved it. It doesn’t feel to heavy and my hair still feels soft.

For my first day doing this, I think it was a slight success. The hair around my face definitely is curling much better. The back of my head went a little crazy and I think I used too much of my curl creme. I need to work on the co-washing my hair with conditioner part especially and I probably just need to focus the deep conditioning to the middle and roots of hair. My scalp is still as oily has it was when I was a little girl.

I’m not giving up, but since my hair feels a tad heavy and greasy in some spots, I put it up into a loose bun. With all hair ponytails can be dangerous. Make sure it is loose (no facelifts from you ponytail) and never wear it in the same spot. When you braid you should also braid losely. Now loose doesn’t mean your ponytail is going fall out or there is hair falling out of your braid all over the place. Just make sure you don’t give you self a headache or can feel the hair pull away from your head. This can kill you hair (basically) and you can have permanent hair damage.

I’ll give an up date at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


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