Once again I fail at this whole blog thing…

So my last post was in January, WOW. I’m obviously not very good at this blogging thing and I am sure that no one actually reads my posts. So I have a bit of up dating to do. Here is a quick list.

1. Spring semester was easy but yet super frustrating

2. Ethan and I decided to move to Chicago so he could go to graduate school

3. Finding a job for a Health Physics/Nuclear engineering major was surprisingly more difficult that I thought it would be

4. Ethan and I got married on May 17, 2014

5. Ethan and I moved to Chicago on May 22, 2014 (quick I know!)

6. On June 7, 2014 I accepted a position as a Health Physics Techinician at Argonne National Laboratory!

7. I also work on the weekends as a swim lesson teacher because private Christian Universities are super expensive


Overall, the move went smoothly and starting my job hasn’t had too many hiccups. Changing my last name was surprisingly easy and pain free. We have done some exploring of the area and I think we will enjoy it here. My commute is currently an hour long so we are hoping to cut that in half after Ethan graduates from Judson in May. Other than that there is not much to say!


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