Just too excited!

Well as of October 18, 2013 around 10:15pm, Ethan and I have been engaged! In the past two weeks I have basically planned out the entire wedding except for actually making things come together in real life. We still have plenty of time. We aren’t getting married till May 17, 2014… the saturday after I graduate college!

I just can’t contain how excited I am to become Erin Meadows. It’s super weird to think of having a different last name, but it weird in the best way. I’m going to have to think about my signature for awhile. All that muscle memory of the year so signing Erin Dulaney has to be changed.

Our wedding is going to be at 2:00pm at the church that we met at 7 years ago. The reception will be there as well which means no dancing or alcohol. Which are two things I don’t mind missing at my wedding. Growing up baptist I have never imagined either of those at my wedding in the first place. Through planning and pinning ideas on Pinterest the “tea time” theme came to life. We are getting married at tea time and we both love tea so “tea time” it is! The theme was really solidified when my friend and bridesmaid Kristen was trying to help me find cute small flower arrangements and we discovered these adorable tea cup arrangements that were placed on a stack of nice hard back books to make the arrangement taller! It is perfect.

I’m also strangely excited to start pre marital counseling with our sunday school teacher/will be officiant and his wife. I know the pre marital gets into money and the non-loving-dovy stuff about marriage, but I’m so ready for Ethan and I to start talking to one another about those things even more. We talk about money a lot right now because we are trying to save for our life together, but its never been sitting down and working out the numbers. I’m ready to get advice from an awesome couple that isn’t our parents. Not that are parents aren’t two great couples to emulate because they are, but getting a different perspective from someone who isn’t our parents is excited.

I’m just so ready to be married. The thought of getting married has decreased my about of stress about getting and job. I thought it would be the other way around, but I know that Ethan will love me even if I don’t immediately get a job wherever we end up. Our life together is going to be so great.


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