Nothing too profound here

I’m probably not going to write about anything too profound. Its been awhile since I’ve done a post and that was just a simple “telling you whats going on” post. 

Nothing much has been going on. School started in August and I have no idea what the Nuclear Engineering Department at Texas A&M was thinking when they made the Nuke and Rad. Health degree plans for the fall of senior year. It is absolutely ridiculous. Nuclear Experiments (writing intensive), Environmental Nuclear Engineering and O-chem 1 in one semester for me! And the poor nukes have Nuclear Experiments, Senior design and another nuclear specific programming class! Think all of us are just kind of existing in school and going through the motions. I only have one class that I am enjoying and its my astrophysics class to finish off my physics minor (since I had so many physics classes from starting in that major why not minor). I think I would enjoy my environment nuclear engineering class, but we have a professor that doesn’t really teach and most of us don’t know what is going on in the class and we have a test on tuesday… no big deal right? Nuclear experiments was fun at first. Going out to the NSC (nuclear science center) and messing with the triga reactor was so cool for the first two weeks and now the novelty has worn off and writing a paper every single week is getting really monotonous as well. 

I just really want it to be May. I’ll be graduated and marrying Ethan. Starting a new chapter in my life. I really need something new. I’m tired of school and really don’t want to go to graduate school anymore, but trying to find a job is so stressful. 

Well, there isn’t anything else that I feel like I need to say. Till the next random day I decide to write something down.


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