wow its been awhile

So it’s been awhile…. okay thats an understatement. Its been a hell of a long time since I have been on here. So lets do some catching up.

1. Ethan and I kept talking over Christmas break

2. I went back to school in January

3. Ethan and I decided to get back together in February (woot)

4. Long distance is hard.

5. Finally saw Ethan in May after he graduated college

6. My spring semester went really well. Got good grades except in physiology but that was expected

7. I hate my job and am quitting on monday

8. Working in a professor’s lab is an interesting experience

9. Football starts soon (thank God!)

10. Ethan and I have decided to get married probably in May. (he hasn’t proposed yet or asked my dad, but its going to happen)

11. I leave for a back packing trip on Tuesday! We’re going to Yellowstone and one of my good friends from work gets to come with us.

12. I am continuing to grow my hair out. I secretly (or not too secretly) want to cut it shorter again. A nice flirty bob.

I think that is about it. There really isn’t much going on, but I thought I should finally catch everyone up (I don’t think many people actually read my blog or anything… or I don’t think anyone reads by blog).


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