Coffee and Bowl Games

So our trip to Arkansas got canceled since the snow decided not to melt any. Ethan said that coffee would be good so we went out today. 

We talked for about 3 hours (just a little under). Obviously there is some level of attraction at least at the friendship level. Which is great. We have never been good at speaking in real life until this past August. I’m glad that it has continued to now and we have never done something by ourselves (not even when we were dating!). We talked about school, roommates, threw in some talk about each other’s majors/things we find interesting that the other might not, a bit of religion. You know just the good ol’ normal stuff. 

Ethan is an architecture major and I am in engineerings so our philosophies tend to differ on things when it comes to the things we are learning in school. It can be interesting since architects and engineers aren’t supposed to like one an other. We let each other talk about the other’s field of study. Asked some questions. General cordial talk. 

He is super hard to read so I don’t have any idea of what might being going on in his head. My friend told me just to tell him, but I’m not that kind of girl nor am I 100% sure at this point about any of it. So we will see.

So like a good texas girl I have been watching the bowl games (or most of them). I have not yet seen a good bowl game! I am so disappointed. These should be better… Texas Tech and Minnesota is sort of interesting right now… kind of. Its hard seeing our old OC watching the game since he will be the next head coach for TTU. This game seems to have no defense. Whereas the Rutgers v. VA Tech was no offense. Watching VA Tech come back to win was sort of good, I guess. But winning in OT with a field goal is never interesting. 

I can’t wait for Jan. 1 when the BCS bowls and the bigger bowls start. 


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