My Hair growth Timeline

So lets talk hair. My hair journey has always been a tough one. When I was younger I had this nasty straight stringy hair, so my mom always kept it short. Nice cute little bob. Sometime during 4th or 5th grade I finally won and she let me grow it out. Same problem. Got a perm. Problem went away. It changed my hair forever. From Jr. high through high school I always had above the shoulders or shorter hair (minus prom time. I alway grew it out to my shoulders and then cut it off).

My freshman year of college I grew my hair out for 2 reasons. 1. I was lazy 2. My ex had always wanted me to grow it out long and I never wanted to and since he broke my heart I would do it.


August 2010


January 2011

Pretty long right!?!? Okay way long for me. It was the longest I have ever gotten it. Then about say 1 month later I decided that I had grown my hair out for the wrong reason and got an inverted bob.


I had this inverted bob for around a year. It went through various stages. The back being really short and super long in the front. Being the same length all the way around and etc. Obviously I’m a little hair ADHD. I think this picture was taken sometime in April 2011. Then my friend Claire (her sister Grace is in the picture with me) who has the most beautiful long red hair got a pixie cut during christmas break 2011-2012. It was a longer pixie cut and I was inspired. I had always wanted to get a pixie cut. So then January 2012!!!!

396946_2414303766808_963849860_n Right great photo bomb, Kathryn. I was only satisfied with this till the end of June. I didn’t realize how many children would call me sir or ask me if I was a girl. Or how many guys that I would meet that would tell me I had looked better with the bob or if they went back and looked at my pictures on facebook of my freshman year they would mention my long hair from then. I decided to start thinking about growing my hair out. About mid July after talking to my hair stylist, Ashley, we decided to embark on the hair growing out journey.


A bit over a month after the decision.


2 and a half months later


4 months later. I don’t know how well you can see my hair in this picture


a little bit over 5 months later (NOTE: this after a long day of being lazy but you get the point)

So the hair growing out process is a long one, but I can see the light. I’m pretty sure that it will be at my shoulders by the end of the spring semester at the longest the beginning of fall 2013.

Now you ask “how has she done it! I would have cut my hair back off my now!” What can I say… bobby pins, headbands, scarf thingys and etc. Along with using a plethora of hair accessories I get my hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks (to keep the dead ends away). My hair trims also kept me from getting a mullet. My lower, back layer grows significantly faster than the rest of my hair. I also make sure that I find shampoos that use little or no sulfates and are catered toward strengthening hair/growing it out. The stronger your hair the less breakage and the better it will grow out. I also try to refrain from using heat or hair products. Heat can damage your hair and hair products can weigh your hair down and possibly damage it depending on what types of chemicals it has. I don’t have to think about it but avoid perms, hair dying, and etc. I also take biotin almost daily. I’m bad at taking pills so it ends up being about every other day. Biotin is not proven to help you grow your hair faster, but it is a vitamin needed to have strong hair and nails and a good metabolic rate. I’ve read stories of people having extreme hair growth in unwanted areas of the body. I have had none of this or not enough to be noticed. It is often prescribed for people with hair loss issues. It is a B- vitamin which means it is water soluble. Because it is water soluble allows you to take essentially take as much as you want. I never take more than what is recommended on the bottle (5mg). Biotin is also said to help your skin. I’ve never seen specifics on what it actually helps. Is it skin tone, acne or what? Even though I’m not sure if it is helping, it is relatively cheap and many people swear by it (my hairstylist being one of them). Also with hair growth, having a well balanced diet is good. Your hair growth rate does have some correlation to your natural metabolic rate and if you aren’t getting the right nutrients it can stunt hair growth. If you like me and a busy college student, take a daily multi vitamin. Stay away from gummy vitamins! I know. No one wants to take that giant horse pill, but there are some vitamins and nutrients that can be in gummy form. Iron is one example. I am borderline iron deficient anemic, so taking a daily vitamin with iron is essential. Yes, I could take another supplement that is just iron, but that gets expensive. If you can get all you need in one pill versus a ton of pills you will save money. Always consult your doctor before adding any type of supplement into your diet. Check contradictions with medications that you take, even though this is highly unlikely with vitamins. You should take all precautions before adding anything to your daily medication routine.

So with patience and perseverance my hair will be long again!


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