One of the Guys

That’s what I am…

No matter what I do…

I just recently (like yesterday) came to this realization. Which is odd because I have always been that girl that could run with the guys and had more male friends and girl friends. I love being able to connect with guys. I feel like I get great perspective on life, love and etc from guys. Girls just get to emotional for me. I think that is why I have always sought out male companionship.

What I find the most odd is that in high school I had lots of guy friends, but I did a decent amount of dating. I had 2 real boyfriends and discussed a relationship with one other. My “one of the boys” personalities didn’t stop guys from being interested in me then, but for some reason in college it has all shifted. Its like all of a sudden they all became more shallow than they were before high school! Which is crazy because I thought that they were shallow then!

I was talking to my friend Trevin about this yesterday. I asked him how to not be one of the boys. Essentially everything he brought up would be changing my personality and who I am. The only thing that wasn’t personality wise was like dressing cuter and wearing make up and etc. I am not a make up and cute clothes wearing kind of girl. I feel like when I do dress cute nothing happens. So it obviously isn’t a big enough change for guys to notice and if they notice they don’t say anything. 

Oh well. One day a guy will appreciate my “one of the guys” personalities. Another thing, I don’t even know what it means to be one of the guys. I don’t burp (well that is a lie. I only do that in front of people I am extremely comfortable with), I don’t out do them in sports (sometimes I’m a better swimmer), I don’t crack sexual jokes. I feel like I act like a women. I just talk to people. I make friends and nothing… Maybe I shouldn’t be an engineering major… Maybe I should rush in the spring (nah… too late for that. and nobody wants to be greek at TAMU).

On a different note. Well I guess this could be part of my “one of the guys” personality. My dad bought me a new pack for camping! Its a 65L Gregory Deva pack. I’m super excited to try it out this break when we go to Ouachita National Park and go camping. And I’m not talking camping on a pad with hook ups and showers down the road. I mean 3-4 days with no real shower, and the only stuff you have is in your pack (in my case, my pack, my dad’s pack and my mom’s pack). I really need to start working out more for that trip and more importantly our Grand Canyon trip spring break. Getting on the stair stepper is a must!


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