So I’m so bored today.

Went to work at 10.

Got home around 11.

Went to lunch with my good friend, Trevin.

Came home and have done nothing…

My friend Dimitri sent me his book to read and give him some input. That will be fun. I’ve read the first 5 pages and I’ve already had some small giggles but I think that is because I think he heavily based the character upon himself. Physics teacher that also works with the nuclear engineering department… Hmmm Dimitri is a physics/nuclear engineering double major. I haven’t really gotten into it much. He said its fantasy sort of so we shall see.

I have this book sitting next to me. I haven’t picked it up. Its been there since 12. I bought it at the beginning of the semester when I left my kindle at my parents and the current book I was reading was on it. I’ve just been super lazy and should do something productive like sending out my resume for internships and etc.

Well this was kind of a pointless post, but I needed to do something!


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