It’s my birthday!

So it’s my birthday!!!! Yay big ol’ 21! Now lets chronicle some things that have occurred in recent days.

So I ended up going home for thanksgiving. Studied most of the time. yay! I did well on one of my tests and probably bombed the other one.

But I’m pretty sure my new interest might be interested in me. We have been having these really fun text conversations. We are both staying in CS for most Christmas break so maybe we’ll get to hang out and really get to know one another.

Now lets talk about my weekend. Friday after my test I did homework so I would be able to hang out with my friend, Sarah Henry (if you are apart of the swimming community you probably know her name). She and I don’t get to get together much anymore. We meant sophomore year because we were both physics majors and essentially the only girls. We really clicked. So when I stopped taking physics classes this past semester we never saw each other. She has swim meets, interviews and etc and I just have engineering classes. Our schedules don’t match up very well. We just went out to eat and then watched a movie at her place. She had to parade me around to all her swimmer friends and prove that she had a non TAMU swim team friend. It was great. She and I have to get together again.

I had a few new random experiences this weekend while hanging out with my physiology group. We all got together to celebrate being done with our test and our project (that took all semester!). Some people drank, some people drank a lot. I had my first awkward “okay boy you are getting way to close to me” moment. Nothing bad happened just my personal space getting invaded. Some people do that not dunk!

Now to a completely different topic. I really like the church that I have been attending. First Baptist CS is great. It is so much like my home church, but yet is different enough that I’m not bored with “the same ol’ same ol’ “. I’m really excited to getting plugged into this church at some point of time in the future. I think it will be a really good place for me.


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