Weekend is almost over…

Well Friday came and Sunday is almost over.

I am trying to do my statistics homework and can’t figure out how to do some of the things on the online program. I’m still shocked that I had two professors that assigned homework right before the break but I guess school isn’t quite out until Wednesday afternoon, but still. One of the profs canceled class all week but we still have homework.

This weekend my friend, Kyle came into town. He recently got out of the Coast Guard and is extremely bored as he waits for next semester to roll around to start school. My roommate and I have known him since jr. high or longer(for my roommate). We took him to the Aggie game on Saturday and we hung out around town and did normal college student things…

But nothing has really happened of great importance. I just felt like I should write a post so I can get into the habit of writing posts so I remember that this is here when I actually need it.


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