Catch up post

Well I got this blog in order have something to consistently write down my thoughts on…Apparently I’m not very good at that. So lets review some things that have occurred.

Friday I got my Aggie ring! That was one of the best experiences of my life. It was an extremely surreal moment as my mom slid my ring on my finger. I was disappointed though that my brother (Class of 2011) couldn’t get off work to put my ring on my finger since he is the other Aggie in the family, but Mom was a good substitute.

After I got my ring, my parents and I went down to the Austin area so my dad and I could run The Warrior Dash. For those of you (assuming someone reads this) who don’t know what that is, it is a cross country 5K with added obstacles in your way. It was a ton of fun. Dad is in much better shape than I am but that is okay. He runs and walks all the time and I’m a busy engineering major who can only work out maybe once a week or so.

Then we dashed back to College Station and watched the Aggies BEAT THE HELL OUTTA Alabama! 29-24 baby! Whoop! It really was a defining moment in the future of Aggie football. We finally proved to those Big12 doubters that we can hang with the best. Yeah we might not have won the LSU and Florida games, but we played damn well in those games and they were close games. We might not be a powerhouse yet, but I’m sure we will get there. Not only was the game a defining moment for the football program, but has allowed Aggies everywhere to bond in away that I haven’t seen during the time I have been here (granted that is only a little over 2 years). When the game clock hit zero screams and “Whoop” could be heard all over town. My apartment complex went crazy. People where running around. I gave out countless high fives and hugs to people that I don’t even know (and a few I realized I did know that live in my small complex).

So now onto some of the more superficial, girly things. There is this boy in my department that I have been really interested in all semester. About 3 weeks ago I finally plucked up the courage to ask him to coffee. I am a very traditional person and if I’m interested in someone I like to wait for the boy to ask me out (even if it is just something casual). I realized with this boy that he probably wasn’t going to be the most proactive boy, so I did it. We met up at a local coffee shop and ended up being there for 4 hours! I dated this guy in high school for two years and we never just sat there for 4 hours and talked non-stop. I thought it went really well. When we decided to leave, he was very enthusiastic and said “this was great! It was a ton of fun. We must do this again! i can’t believe we talked for so long” I excitedly responded in agreement. And then… nothing. The weekend before this we were hanging out with friends and casually decided to go the the Midnight Yell and game the Sam Houston State weekend. When I casually asked him what his plans were for the game this past weekend he had forgotten about it. I have second hand knowledge that he isn’t looking for a girlfriend because he is so busy with school and his lab job right now, but our mutual friend is pretty convinced that he has some about of interest. I’m just so confused why we haven’t even hung out again or why he doesn’t really talk to me outside of class. After all of this, I am perfectly content with my life with out a boyfriend. I haven’t had a real relationship in college and have made great friends that will stay with me forever. There is just this part of me that yearns for this guy to pay attention to me. Or really for him to one day in class just to lean over and kiss me…maybe. Even though that might be a little awkward for the others in the class.

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