Howdy, Blogging World!


I guess I should describe myself a little. My name is Erin Dulaney. I grew up in a few small towns in Texas. I spent most of my “developmental” years in a little town called Hallsville, Texas. Go Bobcats? In high school I did a little bit of everything. I was a swimmer, in band, speech and debate and part of a few service/honors organizations. I graduated in 2010 and made my sojourn to God’s country (aka College Station, Texas) to become a Fightin’ Texas Aggie in the Class of 2014. AAA Whoop. I started my college career as a physics major, but during the fall of my sophomore year I changed my major to radiological health engineering. I am very satisfied with my change in major. I truly believe that field is where God wants me to be.

Speaking of God, I am a believer of Christ. I believe that to be saved all one must simply do is accept Christ as the one and only son of God, who was blameless and died for our sins so that we might be able to go to Heaven for eternity even though we are sinners and don’t deserve that kind of Grace.

I’m starting this blog because there are far too many thoughts in my head. Its hard to get all these thoughts out just by talking to friends and family. I hope that I can write an interesting blog and maybe even effect some people’s lives as they stumble upon my writings.

Disclaimer: There is a reason I am an engineering major NOT an english major. I apologize for any glaring grammatical mistakes.


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